Your Vision. Our Craftsmanship.

The quality of our craftsmanship goes above and beyond. McCoy Custom Homes has over 50 years of experience in custom home building and construction management. Our customers love and trust our work so much that the majority of our business is from referrals. Customers like you count on our excellent attention to detail. Here are reasons why they love us.

  • Fits Your Budget

    We build beautiful, unique residences to suit any budget, small, or large.

  • Always Involved

    We personally oversee and manage all construction, and don't use a foreman.

  • Hands On Approach

    You can be as involved as you want to be during the project.

  • Vast Resources

    We utilize only the best crews, materials, and products to construct your home.

  • Equal to None Service

    All subcontractors are experienced in building exceptional, custom homes.

  • Keeps You In The Loop

    You'll see the different phases of building on our weekly walk-throughs.

  • Superior Amenities

    We offer a wide selection of amenities to fit your family's lifestyle.

  • Sturdy Structure

    We use only quality lumber because the structure is the basis of a well built home.

  • Energy Efficient

    We build energy efficient homes and select energy-saving appliances.

  • Quality Installation

    A quality HVAC system will be installed, as well as, top-of-the-line windows.